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About South Florida Business Strategies

Our mission is to provide clients with a full perspective of their business landscape, enabling them to clearly define their strategic objectives and successfully navigate business, policy, development, and regulatory issues.

Founded in 2023 by former Mayor Robert Weinroth, South Florida Business Strategies cultivates influential and beneficial relationships through our years of experience and involvement with government and private sector industries. Our relationships, combined with our unprecedented resources, support and expertise, are the key factors to moving our clients successfully towards their objectives.

With vast expertise in the world’s most important industries, including telecommunications, healthcare, transportation, financial services, insurance, construction, real estate, energy and information technology, Park Strategies provides our national and international clients with the knowledge, advice, support and business strategies to generate success.

Your Strategic Partner for Success

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The South Florida Business Strategies State & Local Affairs division has over XX years of combined experience in navigating public and government affairs. Whether it’s in the hallways of the State Capitol, or the hearing rooms in a county legislature, our lobbyists are known for their tenacious advocacy and ability to get results. We work closely with clients to understand their business, identify their challenges and opportunities, and to craft government relations campaigns and policy support arguments to advance their interests.

Our strength lies at the nexus of business, government, and the marketplace. From legislative monitoring and position paper drafting, to full “lobby days” and advocacy campaigns, our team provides clear direction through administrative, legislative and regulatory obstacles. Let us help you get results.

Successful business initiatives often arise from the ability to discover and foster unforeseen synergies. The clients of South Florida Business Strategies benefit from our ability to leverage our broad experience and relationships to build alliances that achieve common goals.

With subject matter expertise in areas from financial services to information technology, healthcare to procurement, we assist clients in developing and executing on strategies that realize their objectives, whether in new markets, sales growth, or capital formation. The professionals at South Florida Business Strategies regularly add-value to our clients and their operations, successfully guiding companies and organizations to their next levels for more than two decades. Let us open doors for you.

Governmental regulations are complex and their short- and long-term implications directly affect business decisions and performance.

The Regulatory Affairs division of South Florida Business Strategies advises clients on the potential impact of governmental regulations by drawing on our deep knowledge of existing and proposed regulatory, administrative, and legislative issues. With a broad range of expertise in highly-regulated industries, including healthcare, insurance/financial services, energy and telecommunications, our acumen with state and local governments allows us to facilitate our clients’ dual objectives of compliance and success.

Whether your organization requires project development assistance or support in meeting the most stringent regulations, the Regulatory Affairs division of South Florida Business Strategies is positioned to provide you with the assistance you need. Let us guide you.

For more than a decade, our Association Management Group has been providing clients with a variety of association management services ranging from administrative support to program development and membership acquisition. Through years of experience in working with trade associations and coalitions we have learned how to evaluate our client’s current programs, recommend strategic enhancements and help them manage their membership’s goals and objectives.

South Florida Business Strategies’ proficiency in consulting and government relations affords us a deep understanding of how legislative and regulatory changes may impact our clients’ associations, and their memberships. This knowledge allows us to take a proactive approach on behalf of our clients, rather than simply reacting to policy, regulatory, and legislative changes. Let us help you manage your organization.

Now is when the hard work begins. Industry regulations are set to be in place as soon as early 2022, and they will need to be thoroughly reviewed and understood. The first license applications could be available as soon as January 2022, and plant touching companies will need to be ready to navigate that process to successfully obtain a license from the new Office of Cannabis Management.

South Florida Business Strategies’ Cannabis Practice Group, together with XXX, provides a full range of resources, counsel, and government relations services specifically tailored to meet the needs of its cannabis industry client base.